How to quickly find all the key moments in your stream

The slowest part of creating content can be downloading VODs and scanning them for key moments. Here's how to do that quickly using Pillar.

One of the most common friction points of being a livestreamer is wanting to review your broadcasts, but having to download VODs + manually scan them for key moments using heavy video editing software.

This work takes a long time but is highly valuable, as it sets you up to create and post all sorts of extra content for your fans! 

Pillar is a web based video editor that uses AI to automatically create content for you, so you can see all your clips in one place. 

Pillar makes it easy to quickly scan the best moments from your stream, review clips to personalize the AI over time, trim clips to focus on the best moments, and quickly preview clips to make sure each one pops. 



Here’s how:

First, log in to your Pillar account and select the stream you want to make content from.

On the right hand side of the Editor page, you will see a list of clips.

This Review Queue holds clips created by the Pillar AI, moderators, and Twitch Clips.

In the future, we are adding some advanced filtering systems so you can find the clips you want to see quickly and easily! 

Clip on the clip you want to review, and you can scrub through the clip using the timeline.

Leave your rating with the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down button, and optionally add comments to let our team know what specifically you liked or disliked about the clip.

Your feedback is used to directly create personalized results for you, so that the AI can pick up more of the clips you want and less of the clips you don’t want. 

Click the “Adjust Clip” button to quickly trim the clip.

This lets you quickly choose where you’d like the clip to start and end, so that each clip focuses on the content you think your audience will enjoy the most.

Click “Preview” to jump to the start of your clip to more easily review the footage. 

After reviewing the clips you found noteworthy, now you can export them into a video (so you can further edit), or export individual clips into a mobile-first social media format. 

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