How to use Pillar to export to TikTok (and every other platform, too)

How to export key moments of live streams to TikTok, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

Every streamer wants their fans to see the best parts of a broadcast if they missed it. The best way to engage and delight fans is by posting this highlight contents to the places fans hang out — places like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

But keeping to a consistent stream schedule while also posting to these platforms can be extremely tiring. 

The current best practice is to download the VOD of a stream, load it into a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro, cut out the key moments of a stream, and do some editing magic to make the clips look great on mobile screens. 

That can be extremely tiring while also keeping to a consistent stream schedule! 

One alternative is to use Pillar's web editor + mobile export feature. 




The Pillar AI pulls together all key moments from a stream, and puts it into one place. 

Then, we made it incredibly easy to review, trim and preview each clip. 

Once you’ve found a clip (or a few) that you think your fanbase would enjoy, Pillar makes it easy to export content to TikTok. Here’s how:

Underneath the time reel, click “Export to Mobile” feature.

You’ll be taken to a new screen, where you can pick which template you’d like to use.

Use the selection box to select your face cam and gameplay footage, click next, and view a preview of what your video will look like on a mobile screen! 

If you are happy with the preview, click "Accept and Export".

In a few moments, a download link will show up in your email inbox. 

Now you can easily download the video on your phone, share it with others, and post it straight to any social media platform like TikTok or Twitter!  

If you are a streamer who wants to start creating content in a new way, you can sign up for Pillar with Twitch by clicking below. 

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