What is Pillar?

Streamers need a fundamentally new way to create content, but the old methods have too much friction. Pillar uses AI and a web editor to bridge the gap.

Streaming is a brand new way of creating content and building a fanbase.

It’s fun, new, and probably the most authentic form of content creation! But although streaming is a new form of content creation, the tools to make static content have not changed.

And that poses a big question for streamers:

How do I keep to my streaming schedule, making each broadcast as good as it can be… While reserving time and energy to create content for all the social media platforms too? 

At Pillar, we call streaming “live content”, while posting to TikTok/YouTube/Instagram/Twitter etc is “static content”. 

Streamers are very well equipped to make live content. But making static content is super hard and time consuming. 

The reason it’s hard to make static content is simple: all the tools used for content creation now are only good at making static content!

No tools are good at making static content FROM dynamic content.

It's not too tough to get an idea and make a TikTok.

But it is much harder to do a livestream, download the VOD, scan for the best moments, and then make a TikTok video out of a highlight! 

Streamers have a fundamentally different approach to content creation, and so they need a fundamentally different tool kit to fully create content to delight and grow their fanbase. 

The best tools for streamers were created 10-20 years ago.

Things like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro are best in class!

They are also GREAT at creating static content from ideas.

But for streamers, these tools are time consuming, hard to use, and requires its own special skillset to master.

Streamers need a way to easily make static content from their live content! 

Some other tools have popped up to help solve parts of the problem, like transforming Twitch Clips into a format that looks good on social media.

But these tools only solve on part of the problem, and leave a lot to be desired. 

Streamers need a new way of creating from live content to delight and grow their fanbases.

With recent advancements to AI and cloud computing, this is finally possible. 

Thats why we made Pillar -

One tool to:

    1. find highlight clips using AI

    2. review trim and preview all clips in one place

    3. export clips to different social media (like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, videos, etc).

Pillar is a new content creation tool for streamers, aiming to help bridge the gap between growing live content and the old content creation tools. 

You can use the web based editor (which uses AI to find key moments of streams automatically), to do all of that with no downloads or setup required. 

At the core, streamers need two things: 

A faster way to find key moments in VODs 


One place to see all clips, with no downloads or setups required. 

How does Pillar AI help find key moments in VODs faster? 

As of right now, the Pillar AI is actually made up of two different machine learning models: 

    1. Social Media Model (beta).

Using various data points, this model scans each of your streams for clips that could potentially go viral on social media. 

    2. YouTube Montage Model (alpha).

This model finds highlight moments in streams so you can publish montage videos to YouTube. It is disabled by default, but let us know if you want to test out the model. 

Each time you go live, both models start “watching” your stream looking for key moments.

During the broadcast, you or any of your moderators can type !clip in the chat to mark more key moments.

And of course while streaming, your chat can use the Twitch Clips tool to make their own clips. 

Once you go offline, all these data points get processed by Pillar’s backend, and we automatically import all key moments into your account.

You can log in to view your broadcasts, and see all of clips that were created and imported for you — no downloads or setup required! 

Now that all your content is in one place, read on to learn how to use Pillar to quickly review, trim and preview clips to get ready for posting!


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